Pastor’s Page--Daniel Lowry

Hi friend. Thanks for coming to visit our site. I hope it’s been useful in your desire to know more about our fellowship. However, I also hope that you will come and visit us in order to gain a better and more vivid understanding of who we are. As useful as websites are, they fall far short of the experience of coming together in the fellowship of believers and drawing near to our holy God. Come and worship with us!

In any case, whether you visit us or not, please know that we would be glad to pray with you. You can call our church office (502.845.2355) or send us an e-mail ( to let us know how we can lift you up. I would also be glad to discuss any matter of God, faith, and practical Christianity with you. No subject is taboo, and you’ll never be looked down upon or scoffed at for asking questions. I would LOVE the opportunity to minister to you by showing you what God’s Word has to say about your questions. So please, whether you need prayer, or need your questions addressed, contact us.

For those of you who desire to know, here are a few things which (I hope) describe my approach to ministry:

1.Spirit-led – What sticks in my mind is Exodus 40:36-38. As the people of Israel are being led around in the wilderness, they follow the Spirit of God. When His Spirit stays, they stay. When His Spirit moves, they move. They always have His Spirit fully in view of their eyes. That’s how I want to minister. I want to be so tied to the Spirit that I go wherever He goes, and don’t leave there until He leaves.

2.Prayer-empowered – The Lord has been gracious to remind me often of my complete inability to accomplish His work apart from His power. Woe to me if I don’t pray, because I have guaranteed that I will fail. Yes, the Lord has set my life aside for gospel ministry; for the proclamation of His word. However, I can no more wield the sword of truth than could an infant use the sword of a mighty hero. If my preaching of the Word and my gospel ministry is to be effective, I must relinquish any notion that I can do anything apart from His power. Prayer puts the gospel sword into the hands of the Eternal Warrior King and says, “Lord, save your people! Because this weak shepherd cannot.”

3.Hands-on – “The faithful shepherd always smells like the sheep.” If I am always shut up in a study, or standing behind a pulpit, then I will never know the people with whom God has placed me. I want to be involved in their lives. God forgive me if I shy away from sitting on the ground with the sheep because I don’t want to dirty my preacher’s robes. I AM a sheep of our mutual Savior. How dare I act as if I were in a higher fold.  I must know my people, spend time with them, and lay down my life for their good every single day.

4.Kingdom-minded – One of the main passions I want to transfer from God’s heart, to my heart, to the hearts of my people is an urgent passion for the Kingdom of God. That means letting the Kingdom take root in every corner of our own hearts and lives; proclaiming the Kingdom in our own community and living as lights on a hill in our surroundings; being involved in the expansion of the Kingdom worldwide. Only let a love for God take over our own affections, and we will be a people who cannot help but send the gospel out from our hearts into the whole world.

Again, if there’s any way I can serve you, or if you’d simply like to drop a line and say hello, feel free to contact me! May the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and the Holy Spirit, and God the Father bless you abundantly today.

A few random facts about me from my resume:

Born: June 4, 1985 – Ft. Worth, Tx.

Called to Christian Ministry: April 1, 2000


Licensed to Christian Ministry: December, 2008


Education: B.A. from Louisiana College, Pineville, La

            Major – Sociology      Minor - French

• Currently studying at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky


Interests: Disc golf, Golf, Good food, Literature, poetry, Puritan writers, motorcycles, travel, camping, hiking, hunting, ceramics, football, foreign languages , cowboy boots and black coffee.

Family: 1 younger brother at Baylor in Waco, Tx, and 1 older sister in Baton rouge, Louisiana, who is married and has 4 little boys.

Favorite Scripture Verse: Philippians 1:20

My desire and vision for Christians is that they would be urgently passionate about knowing and loving God themselves, and that they would be just as urgently passionate about helping others know and love God. Therefore, my goal in ministry is two-fold: to glorify God by accurately, passionately, and convincingly teaching and encouraging God’s people with God’s Word, and by bringing the message of the gospel to people who have not heard it.

Favorite Books & Authors:


-The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper

-Brothers, We Are NOT Professionals by John Piper

-Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

-The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul

-The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis