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I am still learning your names. It will become easier as I learn your character and personality. Eventually, once I know you, the mention of your name will bring to my mind your face and what I know about you.

In the Bible, a person’s name is more than what he is called; a person’s name is his character. So, for example, when we pray that God’s name may be hallowed, we are saying we want his character to be respected and reverenced. We sometimes say that a person has a good name, and we mean that he has a good reputation or character. We may say of an ambitious man, “He is trying to make a name for himself.” The fact is, each of us, ambitious or not, is making a name for himself on earth and in heaven. Each of us will be known by that name on the day we enter heaven.

Or think of it this way: when you are born, an account is opened in your name – it is a character account. Every day – every moment of your life, you are making deposits and withdrawals from this account that is your name. While you may hide your account information from everyone on earth, God knows your name with unerring certainty. In heaven you are known by your name. Your name, your character, is the face of your soul.

                                                                                                                                                                    Jim Orrick

Professor of Literature and Culture; Program Coordinator, General Studies 

B.A., Cumberland College; M.A., University of Memphis; M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Ohio University

Important Dates for APRIL

1 - EASTER Sunday

2-6 HCPS Spring Break

3 - 6:30pm Celebrate Recovery (Meal Provided)

4 - NO Evening Program (Due to Spring Break)

8 - 11:00am Communion Service

       POSTPONED: Potluck Fellowship Luncheon and Business Meeting
10 - 6:30pm Celebrate Recovery (Meal Provided)

11 - 6:15pm Children's Program and Youth Group Meet & Greet

15 -  12:00pm - Potluck Fellowship Luncheon

          1:00pm - Monthly Business Meeting

17 - 6:30pm Celebrate Recovery (Meal Provided)

22 - 11:00am HCHS Chorale for Special Music in Worship Service
24 - 6:30pm Celebrate Recovery (Meal Provided)

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